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Sexy Over 50 | Revitalize Your Mojo With Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee has a goal; to support female baby boomers get ready for love again! In her Sexy Over 50 books and on this site, women explore the topic of preparing themselves for love...Lee offers help via tips from on-line dating to anti-aging to sexual energy to mojo activation and head-to-toe-inside-out make-overs and how important all these factors are to attracting the right partner. Lee suggests boomer women begin by incorporating one or all of the Sexy Over 50 mojo activators. Within weeks Sexy Over 50 devotees see their lives change. Starting at age 40, then, 50, 60 and beyond Melinda found women complain about attracting men....and, that's why Lee founded Sexy Over 50. Lee's philosophy is that successfully dating and feeling sexy is a state of mind...so whether you are single and looking to begin dating again, wanting to wear sexy lingerie and feel sexy doing it, or, have a desire to simply feel young again Melinda Lee's Sexy Over 50 movement may just inspire you to take action to have more!

To get maximum benefit...progress with the Sexy Over 50 series, subscribe to the Mojo Blog, sign in for the free exclusive video and watch the Sexy Over 50 videos in our Video Gallery...you’ll find more insights and actions on how you can get ready for love (again!)

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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

There I was on a nice leisurely walk through Hancock Park, headset on, working on memorizing a script for a role in a movie and up popped an adorable child's HopScotch. It made me smile and the first time I passed it by...afterall it is a childs' game hopping amongst the little blocks. I went on my way, busy in my head, working on the task, my script. By the third or fourth time I circled that block the HopScotch had gripped my attention. Did I have the guts to be playful? What if someone saw me in the middle of the day acting like a child at play?

Playful = sexy over fifty HopScotch - Version 2What a quandry...jump in and be playful or continue my walk like a grown-up? I looked over my shoulder, up and down the street, and thought what the heck? And, for the next few minutes I gleefully hopped, skipped, jumped with joy. Talk about the ultimate anti-aging work-out!

Did anyone see me? I guess I will never know. But what I do know is that by taking that first hop on the tiny square that was laid out in front of me I was taking a stand...that like Peter Pan, I refuse to grow up and act my age! 

Then I wondered how many times in my life do I stop myself from having fun? How many times am I constrained by some unwritten laws that say an adult does this and not that?

Personally I am ready to burn that book of laws...if only I could find it. But, the truth is the "book" is what is inside me. All those years of believing what does or can make me happy really does not. What does make me happy is to be childlike and joyful. Will others think I am silly, immature, undignified? Probably, but why should I care? 

When I do silly things like play HopScotch, or sing out loud in an elevator, or dance in the grocery store, I feel happy and my spirit gets lifted. I am reminded that it is my responsibility to live a happy, gleeful life and sometimes it's as easy as hopping down the street. Sexy Over Fifty...yep, activating my mojo, yep and it's as easy as being happy as a child on the playground. BTW, do they still have playgrounds?


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At the last minute a friend called, he wanted to go out for a drive...I really wasn't in the mood but I pulled myself together and popped in his car for a leisurely Sunday drive to Palm Springs. I don't know why I didn't want to go except that my day was "planned" with chores and a "must-do" list a mile long that included going for a long walk, re-organizing my closet, giving myself a facial...how exciting I mused to myself with a chuckle. 
Sexy Over fifty avoid Isolation

Why did I think I should stay home by myself and be "productive?" I would have missed an opportunity to socialize, get to know someone better, see a beautiful sunset and just blow the stink off me as my dad would say. Just then I got a pop-up from an article that I read recently that said one of the biggest issues with women as they age is ISOLATION. I began to think about the women (friends and clients) I know who repeatedly tell me that they want to be in a relationship yet when I ask them what they did over the past week that was social often there is nothing on their list but an item or two with family members and rarely is there a social event with anyone new, which also means...no new men. So I wondered, "How can we expect to meet new people, especially men when we isolate our lives?"

The other issue with isolation and spending too much time alone is that it's been linked to depression. Research shows even the most shy of us needs to get out and be with others. Sure a good long walk, reading a gripping book or an hour of meditation can lift the spirit. But, the "high" we get from being with friends laughing, having fun, sharing an opinion, even debating an issue leaves us in such a better state of mind that we have to be more attractive and glowing. 

So I spent some time thinking about the energy you have when you meet someone you find attractive and even have an exciting date...and I determined, that energy, that alive, fun, sexy energy is not found watching the television by yourself. Promise to self...put down the remote and get out there!

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Sexy Over 50 Online dating tips for female boomers

Sexy Over 50...Top On-Line Dating Tips For Boomer Newbies

Tip #1- Get a NEW great photo...it is one of your best tools! My friend's Janet and Stephanie can look attractive or very average depending on the day, the activity and how much energy they put into their presentation. Your photo should reflect that you can "fix up" but still look like you! Remembering that Men Are Hunters and that means very visual...one of your keys to success online is to have a very flattering photo. This does not mean that you need to have a "Glamour Shot" that you could never in a million years replicate...it means having a photo that shows your best features...and looks like you look today! DO NOT use an old photo of you no matter how flattering. This is most men's major complaint...women using OLD photos of them YEARS younger and many pounds thinner. If you try this you will not get the desired results...men don't like to be duped...and neither do you!

Tip #2- Write your profile, re-write your profile, get help if needed on word-smithing. Some of us like to write, we're good at it and enjoy the process. Others of us hate to write as much as we hate public speaking especially when it's talking about ourselves and our amazing attributes! That is why I am suggesting that you get a friend or two (or Me!) to help you write your profile. Sometimes we don't really see what makes us special, adorable, lovable...even sexy! But a friend or even an ex-lover can easily tell you what are some of the most attractive attributes that you have to offer.

Don't be shy, this is the time to gently brag...if you are an award winning gourmet chef let him know that you LOVE to cook. Mention your favorite dishes and maybe even a fun cooking disaster...it makes you more real and could give you something to laugh about on your first phone call.

Hint: While men love to talk about sex putting too much sexual language in your profile may give the wrong message and attract "undesirables" versus the boyfriend you imagine!

Sexy Over 50 is the goal and dating can be fun...Tips #3-#10 coming in future posts!!! See ya soon...Melinda Lee, author, "Sexy Over 50"



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Posted by on in online dating

As we think about being Sexy Over 50 and wanting to date, the question that comes up for ME is...Am I really and truly "available?" I hear so many clients talk about attracting a man. Those are their exact words..."I want a man in my life!" Yet, when I watch their actions I can't see where they are leaving space for a relationship to occur. Because they don't currently have a romantic relationship they have filled their life so full that nothing or no one could possibly squeeze in. Sexy Over 50 female boomer dating tips 79073356 

I ask them...if you want a relationship how will you make time? Oh, that's easy they say..."When he comes along I will find time and space for him." Then they smile proudly as if God and The Universe will totally understand. Unfortunately it does not usually work that way...there is no vacuum for the man to fill.

One client told me she had finally met an amazing man and had a few great dates...but then it all seemed to just melt away. I asked for more details...she said they had gone out on a Saturday night then he called on Monday to see when he could see her next...as she rattled off all her activities...Work, the Kids, the Grandchildren (all good and important!) then, her women's support group, book club, volunteering at the Homeless Shelter, mani-pedi, walking the dog, shampooing her carpet...the list went on for a mile. "Mr. Right" accepted her busy life for a few weeks but eventually opted-out because he felt (I am guessing) too low of a priority on her "To Do" list. Apparently "Get a Man" ranked somewhere between walk the dog and shampoo the carpet!

Everyone wants to feel important, loved, needed...and a priority! So one of the first things I suggest women who want a relationship do is to "clear" before he enters. This can feel a bit uncomfortable at first but you can take that time to clean out your space...literally make room in your closets, in your garage, in your schedule for him. What may surprise you is your resistance to giving up some of you for him. So no matter what the outcome if being a Sexy Over Fifty Female Boomer who is interested in Dating...simply consider how available you really are for him! And, always remember, this is just one person's opinion....all the best, Melinda Lee, author, "Sexy Over 50"


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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

Not every Baby Boomer Female wants to be Sexy Over 50 but those of us who are Single and Dating have the thought of being attractive to the opposite Sex on our minds...at least occasionally. If you are considering getting a sexier vibe about you I personally think one of the first steps is to totally indulge yourself in a few hours of self-relection and what I am calling "Hedonism." When I think of hedonistic behavior a part of me shrinks and thinks..."Ohhh, that's bad behavior I could never do that"...but hedonism is about taking care of yourself in a bit of an indulgent way.

sexy over 50 dating hedonistic BATHphoto-19This past weekend I spent time in a lovely hideaway tucked up in the mountains surrounding Topanga Canyon very near Malibu, California. So gorgeous! A feast for the eyes and soul. And, on Saturday I stepped outside the cottage, it was warm and sunny and I was feeling a bit weary, but happy. I decided to take a bath...it's an outdoor fresh air tub, on the patio surrounded by vines so I had total privacy :-) What an amazing experience, totally hedonistic to be naked out in the open air, the sun streaming down on me, with the bath salts, rose petals and the bubbling balm doing their job!

Super yummy! 

When I got out of the tub about an hour later after reheating the water several times...I felt utterly luxurious and feminine. And, I noticed that taking the time to relax, pamper myself and having a bit of a hedonistic moment bathing in "public" was exciting and relaxing at the same time. 

So many of my Female Boomer aka Sexy Over Fifty friends (and me) find ourselves racing around so much that we literally can't feel anything and have no energy left over to be or feel sexy. This soothing bath after a nice walk (my cute TheraFits in the foreground) was exactly the Rx that my soul and femininity desperately needed to feel Sexy Over 50 again...at least that is what I would recommend as Step One to anti-aging, getting your mojo back and feeling Sexy Over Fifty...at any age!

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