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Sexy Over 50 | Revitalize Your Mojo With Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee has a goal; to support female baby boomers get ready for love again! In her Sexy Over 50 books and on this site, women explore the topic of preparing themselves for love...Lee offers help via tips from on-line dating to anti-aging to sexual energy to mojo activation and head-to-toe-inside-out make-overs and how important all these factors are to attracting the right partner. Lee suggests boomer women begin by incorporating one or all of the Sexy Over 50 mojo activators. Within weeks Sexy Over 50 devotees see their lives change. Starting at age 40, then, 50, 60 and beyond Melinda found women complain about attracting men....and, that's why Lee founded Sexy Over 50. Lee's philosophy is that successfully dating and feeling sexy is a state of mind...so whether you are single and looking to begin dating again, wanting to wear sexy lingerie and feel sexy doing it, or, have a desire to simply feel young again Melinda Lee's Sexy Over 50 movement may just inspire you to take action to have more!

To get maximum benefit...progress with the Sexy Over 50 series, subscribe to the Mojo Blog, sign in for the free exclusive video and watch the Sexy Over 50 videos in our Video Gallery...you’ll find more insights and actions on how you can get ready for love (again!)

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Posted by on in online dating

As we think about being Sexy Over 50 and wanting to date, the question that comes up for ME is...Am I really and truly "available?" I hear so many clients talk about attracting a man. Those are their exact words..."I want a man in my life!" Yet, when I watch their actions I can't see where they are leaving space for a relationship to occur. Because they don't currently have a romantic relationship they have filled their life so full that nothing or no one could possibly squeeze in. Sexy Over 50 female boomer dating tips 79073356 

I ask them...if you want a relationship how will you make time? Oh, that's easy they say..."When he comes along I will find time and space for him." Then they smile proudly as if God and The Universe will totally understand. Unfortunately it does not usually work that way...there is no vacuum for the man to fill.

One client told me she had finally met an amazing man and had a few great dates...but then it all seemed to just melt away. I asked for more details...she said they had gone out on a Saturday night then he called on Monday to see when he could see her next...as she rattled off all her activities...Work, the Kids, the Grandchildren (all good and important!) then, her women's support group, book club, volunteering at the Homeless Shelter, mani-pedi, walking the dog, shampooing her carpet...the list went on for a mile. "Mr. Right" accepted her busy life for a few weeks but eventually opted-out because he felt (I am guessing) too low of a priority on her "To Do" list. Apparently "Get a Man" ranked somewhere between walk the dog and shampoo the carpet!

Everyone wants to feel important, loved, needed...and a priority! So one of the first things I suggest women who want a relationship do is to "clear" before he enters. This can feel a bit uncomfortable at first but you can take that time to clean out your space...literally make room in your closets, in your garage, in your schedule for him. What may surprise you is your resistance to giving up some of you for him. So no matter what the outcome if being a Sexy Over Fifty Female Boomer who is interested in Dating...simply consider how available you really are for him! And, always remember, this is just one person's opinion....all the best, Melinda Lee, author, "Sexy Over 50"


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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

Sexy Over 50 fatty photoI have a boomer friend (let's call her Maggie) who has a weight problem and certainly does not think she is sexy over fifty. Maggie sometimes calls herself "Fatty" and then chuckles. I know that her laughter is really covering up her hurt and pain. Maggie is a great big  loving woman and I am guessing because of some pain (her husband left her years ago for a younger woman and she lost a child to Luekemia) she has had in the past she has eaten and drunk alcohol to make herself feel good. Personally, I believe she has used food and alcohol to numb her pain.

Just recently, Maggie told me she's interested in meeting a man and wants to start dating. I suggested she shed a few pounds and we came up with a plan, so now she is on a path to a slimmer version of herself. And, it is fun and insightful to see her going through her process of becoming a more svelte version of herself. Maggie is wisely adapting new routines so that her body is getting what it wants and needs which is self love. She has shifted from a version of self-hate to this new version of self loving. As time progresses it will be rewarding to see her results unfold, her go on her first date and ultimately get her mojo back..

Women tend to be more forgiving when it comes to being overweight. We see a person's energy, we see their love, we see a person's essence. But men are not so forgiving. Men want to see and be with attractive women. So like my boomer friend Maggie who affectionately calls herself "Fatty" it may be your turn, your time to investigate why you have put on the pounds. Is it possible that you may be afraid of feeling? Afraid to let someone get close? While we're at it we can look at lifestyle and the level of activity that you have in your life. Are the calories "in" more abundant than you need? 

I had a boyfriend a number of years ago, we were at a picnic where there were a majority of single over 50 women...and most were over-weight. We talked about this and almost had a fight regarding the topic. I thought it was very superficial that men would disregard a woman based on her weight...but he adamantly argued that it's just a truth. He took it even further and told me that many baby boomer woman make FOOD their new boyfriend...yikes...what a comment! 

If Sexy Over 50 is the goal and if we want to attract men...what is the healthiest relationship we can have with food? Personally,  I want to be friends with food it nourishes me, but, we've taken it too far when we let food literally and figuratively into our bed.

Food for thought...and, no sexy over 50 pun intended!

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Posted by on in Mojo Blog
I can't help it that being Sexy Over 50 is having a fit body. Yet, sometimes as we get older we can pack on extra poundage. If we look back to the way we looked as teenagers and young adults when we were in the "job" of attracting members of the opposite sex,  we usually see that our bodies were slimmer. Sometimes women over 50 get resentful of men in their age group dating women who are so much younger. We say to ourselves, "Why are these guys dating women who look like their daughters? Why are these men surrounding themselves with soooo much younger women?" I see this sooo much especially here in LA where it is the norm.
At one point in my life I thought that these guys were trying to make themselves feel younger by being with younger women. I felt that men dating women half their age had some sort of "mental disorder" and therefore could not be of interest to me.  I thought to myself with attitude..."Any man who is dating someone younger than his daughter certainly can't have his emotional act together." But then when I queried some of these men the response that I got was and still is... "I can't help it I am attracted to attractive younger bodies." They explain, "Men are visual creatures by nature. We see things and we want to have them, we are hunters. It is the way we are built." After doing some research, I realized that men are so different in their actual genetic makeup that I had to realize what makes them tick. What I was told is point on, "Men are hunters. Men need to be hunting to feel sexy and alive." Since thre beginning of time this has been true...men protect and provide...Sexy Over 50 History photo112706766
So if you want to attract and be "hunted" by men you need to look like what they are attracted to...probably via a slimmer version of you. And, whether we want to admit it or not, it truly is sexy to have a fit body. So I wondered what gets in the way of us having these firm slim bodies that we once had in our youth. Have we just gotten lazy? Are there hormonal and thyroid issues? Have we been gorging ourselves with fast food because we're too busy to think about a healthy option?
What has gotten in our way from being the healthiest and slimmest most sexy version of ourselves that we can be? Contemplate the topic deeply. Once you have figured out your block, (If you can't figure it out contact me directly) and say to yourself..."Now is the time to take hold and reclaim the body that I once had and I will have again!"
More on this topic in future posts...honestly, you make not like what I am saying here but it's true. So, if you are a boomer and want to be Sexy Over Fifty...please stay tuned!
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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

I wake up each morning and have a daily "sexy over 50" routine. For me, knowing what I am going to do when I wake up helps reduce stress. Reducing stress keeps us looking and feeling younger (sexy)...and, I am all for that! So here's what I know I am going to do...get up and fix my breakfast, a healthy drink, take my vitamins, do my Spoga practice, sneak in a few minutes of meditation. Just like I know I will use the lavatory, take a nice steamy hot shower and brush my teeth I know I will do my Sexy Over 50 practice. Knowing that it is part of my day actually gives me a sense of calm, de-stressing me! I don't have to battle with myself...am I going to do this? YES is the answer it's already built into my day!

Final SexyOver50 stacked logo 2Having a routine helps me weather the unknown that will inevitably creep into my life. My suggestion for everyone who wants to feel more vibrant and sexy is to honor yourself with a practice that revitalizes you before you're robbed of any energy stealers like paying bills, driving in traffic, dealing with co-workers, a cranky boss or clients and sometimes the stress of family obligations. And, as we age the stress is different...we may have a parent who needs to be taken to doctor appointments or even more hands on medical care. Our children may need our emotional or financial help we are being pulled in many directions. 

I am always reminded of the airplane stewardess who directs mothers to put on their oxygen masks before tending to their child. If you can't breathe how can you help your child? It is the same with life. Take care of yourself first. The daily "sexy over 50" routine is my oxygen mask...nourishing me so I have the reserves necessary to give to others. 

If you haven't created your own personal routine consider adopting mine. You can see free videos on the Sexy Over 50 home page by simply signing into the free exclusive offer where in a video I do a 10 minute calming and yet energizing practice. It's pretty easy to be "sexy over 50" you just have to make up your mind that being Sexy over 50 is a priority and then incorporating the routine into your life. All the best...Melinda Lee

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Posted by on in Mojo Blog
Pink Cloud
I am always looking for ways to be better, healthier more vibrant. And, I guess I think it's sexy when a person thinks of themselves as a work-in-process; molding every part of their being like a piece of clay, better and better on all levels, yep, I just think that is a turn-on.  So when a friend told me about something called a Pink Cloud effect I was intrigued. Don't you just get a visual...then a feeling from the words?
As the story goes, some friends including his then wife, thought he had a drinking problem. So when he went to a recommended therapist he proudly exclaimed…"I don't have a problem with alcohol" The therapist wisely said, "Great then we don't have to talk about drinking!" At the end of their hour session, just as he was leaving, the therapist casually suggested he take a month off from drinking any alcohol as that's what he suggested all his patients do, once a year, refrain from alcohol for one month to let their body detox and (wink-wink) since my friend didn't have an alcohol problem he decided that abstaining would be easy to do. Miraculously,  19 years later he hasn't had another alcoholic drink.  And in that very first year of sobriety for him was what he called a Pink Cloud year…he was more clear headed, grounded and euphoric than he had ever been in his life! 
Whether it was because he actually did have an alcohol problem and thought twice about it or because he decided that drinking didn't serve him anymore, it doesn't really matter.  What mattered to me was when he stopped drinking that first year when he was totally sober he lived in/on the Pink Cloud.
I like feeling euphoric! I like seeing life through rose colored glasses! I like a world that feels better lighter prettier....game on! So the idea of taking a month off from any alcoholic beverages and letting my body totally detox and become healthy allowing it do it's job inspired me. So I've decided and made February 2013, a Pink Cloud month.  Not sure if the Pink Cloud will appear in one month, but, I''m giving it a "go"...it certainly can't hurt!
Anyone interested in floating up there with me and having a Pink Cloud month? Write and tell me what's happening.... I am very curious to see if you're having any special effects. I am actually on day five...no cloud yet :-) 
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