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Sexy Over 50 | Revitalize Your Mojo With Melinda Lee

Melinda Lee has a goal; to support female baby boomers get ready for love again! In her Sexy Over 50 books and on this site, women explore the topic of preparing themselves for love...Lee offers help via tips from on-line dating to anti-aging to sexual energy to mojo activation and head-to-toe-inside-out make-overs and how important all these factors are to attracting the right partner. Lee suggests boomer women begin by incorporating one or all of the Sexy Over 50 mojo activators. Within weeks Sexy Over 50 devotees see their lives change. Starting at age 40, then, 50, 60 and beyond Melinda found women complain about attracting men....and, that's why Lee founded Sexy Over 50. Lee's philosophy is that successfully dating and feeling sexy is a state of mind...so whether you are single and looking to begin dating again, wanting to wear sexy lingerie and feel sexy doing it, or, have a desire to simply feel young again Melinda Lee's Sexy Over 50 movement may just inspire you to take action to have more!

To get maximum benefit...progress with the Sexy Over 50 series, subscribe to the Mojo Blog, sign in for the free exclusive video and watch the Sexy Over 50 videos in our Video Gallery...you’ll find more insights and actions on how you can get ready for love (again!)

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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

There I was on a nice leisurely walk through Hancock Park, headset on, working on memorizing a script for a role in a movie and up popped an adorable child's HopScotch. It made me smile and the first time I passed it by...afterall it is a childs' game hopping amongst the little blocks. I went on my way, busy in my head, working on the task, my script. By the third or fourth time I circled that block the HopScotch had gripped my attention. Did I have the guts to be playful? What if someone saw me in the middle of the day acting like a child at play?

Playful = sexy over fifty HopScotch - Version 2What a quandry...jump in and be playful or continue my walk like a grown-up? I looked over my shoulder, up and down the street, and thought what the heck? And, for the next few minutes I gleefully hopped, skipped, jumped with joy. Talk about the ultimate anti-aging work-out!

Did anyone see me? I guess I will never know. But what I do know is that by taking that first hop on the tiny square that was laid out in front of me I was taking a stand...that like Peter Pan, I refuse to grow up and act my age! 

Then I wondered how many times in my life do I stop myself from having fun? How many times am I constrained by some unwritten laws that say an adult does this and not that?

Personally I am ready to burn that book of laws...if only I could find it. But, the truth is the "book" is what is inside me. All those years of believing what does or can make me happy really does not. What does make me happy is to be childlike and joyful. Will others think I am silly, immature, undignified? Probably, but why should I care? 

When I do silly things like play HopScotch, or sing out loud in an elevator, or dance in the grocery store, I feel happy and my spirit gets lifted. I am reminded that it is my responsibility to live a happy, gleeful life and sometimes it's as easy as hopping down the street. Sexy Over Fifty...yep, activating my mojo, yep and it's as easy as being happy as a child on the playground. BTW, do they still have playgrounds?


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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

Sexy Over 50...takes a chill pill. I woke up this morning and my brain was flooded with all of the things I need to do. I was lying quietly in bed my body starting to go into shock with the thoughts of all of the Must Do's in my life. This pressure to constantly be producing and doing and achieving is a form of stress that can easily age a person in this case ME. So instead of popping out of bed and immediately start racing through my day to accomplish all the things that need to get done...my taxes, my other paperwork, paying bills, going to the grocery, cleaning the apartment etc. etc. etc. I  decided to languish here in bed for an extra hour or two and just enjoy myself today. I feel that this self-care of languishing, relaxing and meditating for a bit of time serves the greatest goal...to live a happy life...so much more than frentically racing. So I picked up my iPhone and used the dictation feature so I don't even have to type as I'm producing this blog. You gotta love technology.

I decided I am going to use this time to breathe consciously and relax my mind. I'm going to breathe consciously and relax my body. When thoughts pop up I am going to let them drift away. I am relaxing and I growing happy inside because I am a child of God and no matter what I do I am loved. I do not need to be a producing machine to have a happy life. This fact sometimes, no actually quite often, eludes me. Our society rewards and champions the "producer" the person who's out there constantly accomplishing something. We feel the need to be producers and yet what serves a greater good to live a happy life may be at odds with society's message. So just for today I'm going to relax. Perhaps it will only last for an hour or two but I'm going to give this gift to myself, to my spirit, to my body which is still healing from being ill with that nasty bronchial cold which seems to be sweeping the country. 

I, Melinda Lee, give you permission to....Relax. It's Sunday, the day of rest, and, the question is...can you do it? Can you relax and just enjoy a day without feeling the pressure imposed by others to make you feel like you must, must, must be producing? BTW, this is coming from the original Energizer Bunny...so I know this may not be easy :-)

I hope that you'll be calm I hope that you will take a deep conscious breath and count to five, hold that breath and relax the breath kind of expanding in your brain. Then let it out with a sigh ahhhhhh!  It's likely you simply don't believe you can take the time for yourself so even if it's just for a minute take a mini-vacation via meditation to honor yourself. I'm taking these moments, minutes, hours and perhaps sometime in the future...days to de-stress.

By taking this time...you are actually saying YES! I want happy life! YES! I want to be sexy over 50! And, YES I can dictate here in bed on my iphone and still have everything I want in life. 

Okay...time to get up you sexy over 50 creature!

All the best, 

MelindaLee Sexy Over 50


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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

I wake up each morning and have a daily "sexy over 50" routine. For me, knowing what I am going to do when I wake up helps reduce stress. Reducing stress keeps us looking and feeling younger (sexy)...and, I am all for that! So here's what I know I am going to do...get up and fix my breakfast, a healthy drink, take my vitamins, do my Spoga practice, sneak in a few minutes of meditation. Just like I know I will use the lavatory, take a nice steamy hot shower and brush my teeth I know I will do my Sexy Over 50 practice. Knowing that it is part of my day actually gives me a sense of calm, de-stressing me! I don't have to battle with myself...am I going to do this? YES is the answer it's already built into my day!

Final SexyOver50 stacked logo 2Having a routine helps me weather the unknown that will inevitably creep into my life. My suggestion for everyone who wants to feel more vibrant and sexy is to honor yourself with a practice that revitalizes you before you're robbed of any energy stealers like paying bills, driving in traffic, dealing with co-workers, a cranky boss or clients and sometimes the stress of family obligations. And, as we age the stress is different...we may have a parent who needs to be taken to doctor appointments or even more hands on medical care. Our children may need our emotional or financial help we are being pulled in many directions. 

I am always reminded of the airplane stewardess who directs mothers to put on their oxygen masks before tending to their child. If you can't breathe how can you help your child? It is the same with life. Take care of yourself first. The daily "sexy over 50" routine is my oxygen mask...nourishing me so I have the reserves necessary to give to others. 

If you haven't created your own personal routine consider adopting mine. You can see free videos on the Sexy Over 50 home page by simply signing into the free exclusive offer where in a video I do a 10 minute calming and yet energizing practice. It's pretty easy to be "sexy over 50" you just have to make up your mind that being Sexy over 50 is a priority and then incorporating the routine into your life. All the best...Melinda Lee

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Posted by on in Mojo Blog

One of the things I am realizing is that being Sexy Over 50 is a daily commitment to me. Just like a daily dosage of vitamins that need to be swallowed the self-care of my body, mind and spirit need specific action too. Because I have been sick with that monster-mean cold verging on bronchitis my usual high energy has been low and I did not do my usual practices.Sexy Over 50 Melinda Lee What I noticed was that my usual bright and positive attitude was missing. I had three incidents lately where I would have calmly handled my car being towed, getting lost on a street in Beverly Hills, or my friend letting me down with grace....but without my usual grounding these experiences hit me like a cement wall. But instead of calm...tears, agitated behavior and raised voice indicating a high degree of stress was present. Stressful behavior is no the goal because we all know stress ages us so our goal is to be as stress free as possible.

By taking the time...on a daily basis to give my body and spirit 10 minutes to get grounded and centered I am helping to reduce stress and actually keep my body young. With a low stress life my face glows and a smile can show through. I can grab these 10 minutes all at once by sitting up in bed, closing my eyes and breathing consciously...or I can grab the minutes of calm one minute at a time throughout my day which even be more effective depending on the busyness of my day which is what I am doing today. I am rushing off to Santa Monica for a class and plan on being there a few minutes early. Instead of popping out of the car I will sit quietly, without the radio, close my eyes and breathe. I like to move energy up my body so I squeeze or contract the muscles in my feet, and move up my body to my calves, thighs, buttocks, internal squeeze in my pelvic region, my lower abdominals....keep squeezing my upper abs, internally in my stomach then my rib cage to squeeze my lungs, simultaneously I clench my hands and work the squeeze up my arms and finally scrunch my face....and as a final stress releaser I release all the contracted muscles and let it all go with an audible sigh. 

I like to find a private spot if possible because it is a little funny looking...but who cares I am giving myself a daily dose of stress release! And believe me it shows on my sexy over 50 face the days I am doing it and the days I am not!

I hope you'll try this minute by minute sexy over fifty stress reliever....Melinda Lee


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