Appealing to primarily, female baby boomers interested in new relationships...Lee reveals in this first part of the "Sexy Over 50" series the secrets to activating your energy. With 5 Surefire Ways To Revitalize Your Mojo, the reader is given simple and free "How-To" steps to turn on the energy that is naturally within. The result is a magnetic attraction, some call it charisma, others call it sexual mojo. Each chapter offers secret tips (when applied) which will change who the reader is and who they will attract. The book begins...


Have you lost your mojo? Do you feel invisible, not desirable, no longer sexy?


Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo provides you with a step-by-step plan to revitalize your energy and make you feel alive, vibrant and sexy. With these five surefire secrets and exercises, you'll be aglow with an attractive, electric energy – you’ll get your mojo back!


In this first Sexy Over 50 book, we explore the topic of energy and vitality, and how important they are to the sexiness and beauty that you bring to the world. There will be many, many ideas here that you can incorporate into your everyday life. So as you read, begin highlighting the ideas that resonate for you. At the end of the book, find one or two things that you want to actually incorporate over the course of the year. Then, as you progress with the Sexy Over 50 series, you’ll find more insights and actions to improve your wellbeing. As you begin to incorporate them, you’ll feel the power they give you. By reading and incorporating these actions, you will be a different person a year from now, and isn’t that really the goal?


Table or Contents


Setting The Stage


Action Pact


Chapter 1 - What Is Mojo?


Chapter 2 - Surefire Way #1: Free and Effective Exercises


Chapter 3 - Surefire Way #2: Do Nothing (Or So It Seems)


Chapter 4 - Surefire Way #3: Spoga®: The Anti-Aging Mojo Enhancing Workout


Chapter 5 - Surefire Way #4: Create A New Future


Chapter 6 - Surefire Way #5: Shine Your Light


Chapter 7 - Challenge: Am I Committed to ME? Do I Love Myself Enough?


Here is the guarantee...if you actually take the time to do these "secrets" you WILL be a different person and you WILL get different results in your life!


"What do you have to lose?"...or better put, "What do you have to gain?"



ONLY $4.99

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