As the creator of Spoga® and Simply Spoga®, the anti-aging, energy-activating workouts, Melinda Lee is an authority in how to help women become the most sexy and alive they have truly ever felt...and, attract the man they desire! Ten years of being the editor-at-large of Balance magazine allowed Lee to inspire hundreds of thousands of women (of all ages) to be their personal best which Lee believes is the "secret weapon" to attracting a good man. Lee hosted a radio talk show called "Personal Best!" At age 50, Lee left her cushy job in Miami and headed to Los Angeles to re-invent herself as a dating coach, commercial actor, spokesperson and author. Today at, actually, well past the half-century mark, Lee is in the best shape of her life and receives more compliments on her glowing energy (and silver hair) than at any other time in her life. And she wants to share her dating and anti-aging secrets with YOU.


Melinda wants to challenge you to be your personal best so you can attract the best mate. For example, take a look at the photos on this site. Wouldn't you have guessed  Melinda to be a great deal younger? Lee's chronological age and physiological age differ by at least a dozen years. Looking younger and sexy and attractive, can happen by taking very specific steps.  You can reconfigure not only your shape, but your life! The "Sexy Over 50" promise is that if you give yourself at least ten minutes each day to follow the "Sexy Over 50" plan, in a very short period of time you will revitalize your energy, also known as your “mojo” and start attracting who and what you want!  

Lee jokes friends and casting directors that her goal is to be a "hot" 80-year old...by this she means an alive, vibrant, twinkle-in-your-eyes-spring-in-your -step kind of person. After all isn't an alive, still excited about life person the most attractive/"hot" person to be with? And, Melinda knows that this vibrancy is something that can be cultivated with care and attention...so you attract what you want.


As she states in the first "Sexy Over 50" book, "5 Surefire Ways To Revitalize Your Mojo" there are at least five ways to get energized and Lee walks her talk...giving back to women's health, the arts and dog rescue causes gives her one type of energy that exudes from her. There are other simple and free ways to activate your energy, which you'll discover in the book and the "Sexy Over 50" YouTube channel free videos.

If you don't want to read...watch the Sexy Over 50 channel on YouTube to get inspired

Melinda also believes in taking action to get what you desire. Her approach is simple, give yourself the gift of ten minutes daily. Why not get started and join Melinda now...To begin, take a deep breath, cross your heart, commit to applying several of the "Sexy Over 50" surefire secrets, and watch the magic unfold...he may be standing right beside you! Remember that you can revitalize your mojo and find the lovely, sexy, energetic, attractive YOU by simply reading the books, watching the videos and taking personal action...got 10 minutes? So....what are you waiting for?