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Where I Was In Life

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Changes I Made


That Turned My Life Into A
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My journey started some time ago. Every day, like you I was barraged with images of perfect women, living their perfect lives. These images inevitably show women in their 20’s or 30’s living the ultimate lifestyle, filled with an enterprising career, along with an adoring husband and loving family: The complete happiness package right in front of my eyes.

Could It Be Me? My perfect life was harder to define. My second marriage had just ended; I was in my mid-40’s, not working, my house was in foreclosure, I had little family and no kids.

I did not want to start over - not AGAIN! What was it about me that deserved this unsatisfying lifestyle?

All I kept thinking is that I must be defective and ultimately undeserving, and that must be why I’m attracting uncaring, inept and sometimes dishonest men into my life.

Why was I such a loser?

Why was I such a loser? The combination of fear and self-pity were overwhelming. My depression eroded my willingness to try again and frankly, I was exhausted just thinking about it.

I realized at that precise moment that I was the only one who could transform my path in life… call it divine inspiration – call it rock bottom – whatever it was, it hit me like a ton of bricks and I suddenly knew at the very core of my being that I was the only one who cared enough about me to create the change needed to be sexy, passionate, and fulfilled again.

So, I went back to basics. I remembered the things that made me excited in my 20’s and 30’s. I thought about what made me MORE than just my outer beauty -- the family traditions passed down to me, the inspirational people and practices that guided me and I began to put together a program that would lead me back to vitality.

So You Want To Know How I Did It?

"Melinda is a living example that Sexy Over 50 is a possibility,” said Shelley Sykes, author of the award-winning book Sexy, Single & Ready to Mingle. “She will inspire you with her eBook."

“My mission is to teach women to love themselves, exude the enjoyment of life and be confident and healthy—all of which makes them sexy and vibrant.” – Melinda Lee

What You Can Do Right Now!

How am I an expert? I’m living proof it’s possible.

After my second divorce, I packed up my life which was in upheaval in Miami and headed to Los Angeles to re-invent myself. I became a huge success as a commercial actor, spokesperson and author. Moreover, I’m in the best shape of my life… I receive more compliments on my body and “energy”, and of course, on this my amazing magnetism… I’m actually getting more attention than any other time in my life.

I had fulfilled my promise to myself. I really had made the life transformation I had dreamt of just a few years before. When on set as a actor working gigs… stylists and make-up artists who were much younger than me, started asking “What’s your beauty secret?”, “How much is your health and beauty regime?” or “How do I get your great energy and glow?”
I wasn’t sure why these questions were being asked of me. I wasn’t doing anything special, I was just spending 10 or 15 minutes a day to focus on me.

I combined the “best of the best” practices and exercises I was taught throughout life to keep myself grounded. By doing this program consistently, I felt my mojo (something you will learn about soon) being revitalized to recapture the sexy, youthfulness of my past. Now despite the ups and downs I face in life, I live the happiest and most fulfilling moments day after day all because of 5 simple steps.

You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Look and Feel
Like A Star...

Now is when you deserve happiness and fulfillment the most, especially with life experience and maturity to make it even that much better.


The Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo Ebook, is a first step to taking back your life, and enjoying it to the fullest while aging gracefully.


I’m convinced that anyone can do this - any woman can begin today and start seeing personal growth and sexual vitality in a week. You can do what works best for you whether it’s some of my simple solutions to get sexy instantly or full body and lifestyle transformations. You will immediately see and feel the effects of becoming a more vibrant and confident woman, and others will notice too.

Women are indulging in this new Era of the Inner Goddess and want to live the best life they can over 50. And if you are still not sure if you can do it, I hope you’ll take a few minutes to

see for yourself what I teach, and be inspired by others that

have been transformed by Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to revitalize Your Mojo.



Susyn Reeve, M.Ed.


Author: The Inspired Life, Choose Peace & Happiness, WITH Forgiveness, Are You Ready? and The Gift of the Acorn.

I am an international workshop leader, self-esteem expert and best-selling author of The Inspired Life: Unleashing Your Mind's Capacity for Joy, so being my personal best is a priority in my life. I love the concise "Sexy Over 50... 5 Surefire Ways To Revitalize Your Mojo" and since I am in my 60s being sexy is also a goal that is achievable with tips from Melinda's book. Melinda's advice of simply honoring your body, mind and spirit 10 minutes each day is the best advice anyone can make the time to follow - this simple act can help everyone achieve peace and happiness in their life.


Joan Breiner, MS


Entrepreneur, Author, Inspirationist Founder, CelebrateAHero.com

I met Melinda about 10 years ago and she encouraged me to start doing the Spoga and Simply Spoga practices... these two workouts can change your life. When I do them I see a huge difference in my energy and the way people respond. I'm married so I am not interested in attracting a new man, I'm interested in keeping the man that I have attracted to me. I also have found that the Five Steps to Mojo activation from Sexy Over 50 make a huge difference in the person that I am in my professional life. They don't take much time and when they are simply incorporated into my life. My life works better when I do them. I seem to achieve things more easily. I highly recommend the practices.




Don’t be fooled into believing that loving life over 50 is something you only see in the movies.

If you are able to find at least 10 minutes a day to devote to you, then you will be one of thousands of women who became empowered, sexy and fulfilled over 50. I reveal my Sexy Over 50 secrets and you know what’s amazing? All the exercises and methods I teach you are simple and inexpensive. Each step can help to renew your energy and to regain confidence and vitality at any age. You just need to take 10 minutes each day to focus on you.

We’re going to be part of the first ageless generation of women over 50 in the history of womankind!

Today, a woman can create a sexy life at ANY age!melinda lee

Why are so many women giving up on themselves over 50? Many of my friends and family say they just “get comfortable” and don’t have a reason to change anything or don’t feel good enough about themselves to think they deserve it.

I don’t know why we make it so complicated – well, maybe I do a little, as its part of our female DNA but I’m here to tell you - Your transformation will be amazing. What if I told you it was as simple as 5 easy secrets to learn that you can do in 10 minutes a day? You’d say what everyone does when I tell them that…

“It sounds too good to be true.” Or “Nothing in life is that easy” are what I hear the most.


I made one of my biggest life transitions at 50. And not to say you need to completely change your life, but it’s the 5 secrets I teach in my eBook, Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo, that energized this journey into the next, and most adventurous, sexy time of my life. I know in my heart that everyone should learn these simple ways to revitalize their energy, to feel alive, vibrant, and sexy in this new phase of our life.

Whether you want to reignite you, your relationship, or get sexy for the over 50 dating scene which by the way is HUGE – it starts with activating your mojo, and unlocking the energy inside you. It’s not just what makes you vibrant and sensual, but attracts all positive things to you as you find renewed purpose that defines your personal happiness.

And the 5 secrets I teach in my book are easy. That’s how you can make this change in only 10 minutes a day. What I show you are successful, time honored and even ancient techniques that open you up to be the amazing person that you are, and more importantly, instantly STOP YOU from becoming invisible with age, or feeling less worthy as you enter this new era in your life.

So many ads, the media and magazines try to convince us that the road to aging gracefully is through costly procedures, or miracle creams, or by some other scientific or unnatural even unhealthy methods. I show you in my eBook, Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo, that you can accomplish the same thing through easy exercises and home remedies that let us find our inner peace and energy that makes us our most vibrant selves. melinda lee


I wanted to make sure every busy female whether as a wife, mom, or career woman had time to do these life-changing techniques during their day – so I broke down my method into 5 simple steps to take back and revitalize your mojo with some fun tips thrown in along the way so you can always be your sexiest!


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In my eBook, Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo, I show you how to be empowered to conquer the life transitions that come along with life over 50, while being your most energetic and sexy self.

Simply put, mojo is an attractive energy that makes you feel alive, perhaps even a little sassy or curious, and gives you a glow of fulfillment and inner peace. It’s genuine warmth that exudes from you, puts a twinkle in your eye, and makes others want to be around or fascinated by you.

There are SO MANY REASONS every woman needs these 5 Sexy Over 50 Secrets to flourish in an ageless generation…

Positive and productive things come your way when you learn to express the vibrant and glowing energy that exists inside you.

Find love and companionship with a Sexy Over 50 attitude that gives off a sensual and playful vibe as you meet new people, date, and go on adventures.

Honor your body, mind and spirit when you activate your mojo and live the ageless generation lifestyle.

Feel better and healthier than you ever have before with simple, life-changing exercises that anyone can do.

Get inner peace and purpose as you de-stress your life and find true happiness and fulfillment in your life.

Because I believe that every woman deserves this amazing and ageless lifestyle, I insisted that we keep the cost of the Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo EBook at a price

EVERYONE CAN AFFORD. So for $4.99 (literally), you can take that first step to transforming your life now, and can be doing the simple 10 minute exercises by tomorrow, it’s really that easy!

“The Sexy Over 50 philosophy is in fact a way of life to help women retain and maintain their youthfulness, vitality and sexuality, even while aging.” – Melinda Lee


If you’re over 50 and looking for an amazing relationship, I have some good news. There are 97 million Americans over the age of 45, and of those, 40%, or 36.2 million, are single. This shows you that the opportunity for love and companionship really is out there, and your success is based on what you do with yourself, and how you decide to live your life.

The bottom line – Real love after 50 is easier to get than you think. So this is why I share my dating, beauty and anti-aging tips with you free as a Sexy Over 50 member. From time to time, I will make sure to email or post articles on how to apply what you’re learning, and enhance the positive changes you’re making.


I also created Spoga® and SimplySpoga®, the anti- aging, energy-activating workouts, helping women become the most sexy and alive they have truly ever felt and, attract the man they desire. I spent ten years being the editor-at-large of Balance Magazine, inspiring hundreds of thousands of women (of all ages) to be their personal best. Which I truly believe is the "secret weapon" to attracting a good man, or maintaining a healthy relationship with your significant other.

“True love is neither physical nor romantic. True love is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be, and will not be.” – Melinda Lee


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I also cover Sexy Over 50 health and sex topics, such as “Easy, 10 Minute Exercise Routine for Healthy Living,” how to “Define Your Sexual Desire and Invigorate Your Sex Life After Menopause,” and “Discovering the Perfect Partner and Your Sexual Truth Beyond 50.”

You will also have free access to the Sexy Over 50 video gallery, which gives great beauty and health tips, as well as discussing different ways to embrace being Sexy Over 50, and get the love and companionship you desire.

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Barbara and I have been friends for many years. She is a mother, a cancer survivor and one of the most caring and loving women I know. But, like many women our age, not long after 50, the kids were all off to college or on to their adult lives, her husband preferred work and golf over her companionship, and Barbara found herself feeling “washed up.”

She tried to keep busy, but often spent days at a time isolated in her house, or staring at the clothes in her closet thinking “it’s pointless to get dressed up and go out” since she never felt comfortable in her own skin after gaining 30 pounds. I would talk to Barbara and ask what she’d been up to. Her response was usually, “nothing much, just the same old stuff.” Which I later found out was code for sitting mindlessly in front of the TV, snacking and playing online games to keep busy, and wondering what she was going to do with the rest of her life.

When I would tell her what I was up to after I moved to LA, she was always amazed. So I told her she could do it too. More than anyone I knew, she deserved to feel good about herself, get out there, and start being adventurous but she never believed she could do it. She often referred to her “empty nest” as a loveless and deserted one, and started to wonder aloud if her husband was cheating on her, since they never had sex. I saw in her sorrow, that she believed she was “over the hill,” and really believed that she didn’t have the financial means for the surgeries, beauty products and regimes that celebrities or wealthy people indulge in.

Finally, there was a spark. She said, “I don’t know how you do it. You are looking better than when I first met you, you have a new career, a sexy man, you’re so lucky.” But it wasn’t luck. And, it made me wonder if that’s what women over 50 think.

Do they really think that the only way you can be sexy and vibrant over 50 is with luck or tons of money?

At that moment, I was inspired. I asked Barbara, “If I told you 5 secrets to get your sexy life back and feel great on the inside and out, would you do them?” In pure Barbara fashion, she fired back, “How much is going to cost and how much of my life do I have to devote to it?”

I thought for a minute, and replied, “The exercises I do are free and easy maybe 10 to 15 minutes a day tops you in?” She laughed in disbelief and quickly called me out, “Ok – you tell me what to do, and I’ll try it. How can I not? It sounds too good to be true.” That’s how the idea for my eBook, Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo, started. It was a chance to put into writing all of the inspiring and revitalizing things my mom had taught me.

I’m proud to report, that you wouldn’t even recognize Barbara today. And it’s not just her outside beauty, like her trendy new haircut, healthy body, or the fact she’s planning a second honeymoon anniversary trip. It’s the inside transformation that’s unbelievable.

Barbara glows… she literally radiates now. She walks around beaming, smiling from ear to ear with the comfort of her new found happiness in herself and in her life. She got healthy, started a business, and moved into a new home. Regaining that inner peace opened her up to real intimacy with her husband even teaching him some new tricks, and made her closer with her kids and family than ever before.

Now when we talk, her conversation is filled with upcoming adventures, good news and the blessings in life she’s thankful for instead of the self-loathing, loneliness and boredom she use to talk about. IT TRULY IS EYE OPENING TO SEE THAT ANYONE CAN DO IT. By just doing some simple exercises, focusing on personal happiness and fulfillment, anyone can get Sexy Over 50 and live the life they want and deserve. That’s why it’s my mission to inspire and support women as they go on their amazing journey and that’s exactly what my eBook, Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo, does.


In Chapter 1: What Is Mojo?, you find out what your mojo really is, how to tap into it, and ways to practice exuding it in everyday life. Start to attract good things and enhance your sexuality when you learn how to activate the positive energy inside you.

In Chapter 2: Surefire Way #1: Free and Effective Exercises, learn to enhance your mojo with FREE easy exercises that help you gain confidence and vitality as you begin your Sexy Over 50 journey to happiness and fulfillment.

In Chapter 3: Surefire Way #2: Do Nothing (Or So It Seems), you’ll see the connection between stress and aging so you can “ground” or balance yourself in the future. Activate your energy with meditative techniques that you can build into your everyday life to reduce stress.

In Chapter 4: Surefire Way #3: Spoga®: The Anti-Aging Mojo Enhancing Workout, I teach you an easy workout based in the ancient Five Tibetan Rites. These simple steps activate your chakra system to reverse the aging process and create a positive energy flow within you.

In Chapter 5: Surefire Way #4: Create A New Future, you learn the key to igniting your mojo. Create change, shed emotional baggage, and discover your new personal truth to find inner peace and to open yourself up to love.

In Chapter 6: Surefire Way #5: Shine Your Light, challenges you to not only make a difference, but to find renewed purpose and strength in life. You will feel the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive energy, passion and creativity as you revitalize your mojo, and find your Sexy Over 50 glow.


melinda lee

Reclaim yourself, and make over 50 the most personally fulfilling and vivacious years of your life.

By putting health and happiness as a priority, you will truly transform your life into what you make it.

Don’t let fear of the unknown, doubt or insecurities hold you back from experiencing the second half of life that you’ve dreamed of. When you discover the simple secret’s I share in my eBook, Sexy Over 50: 5 Surefire Ways to Revitalize Your Mojo, you will be stunned at how easy it was to transform your life.

The Sexy Over 50 promise - give yourself at least 10 minutes each day to follow the Sexy Over 50 plan. I promise in a very short period of time, you will revitalize your mojo and start attracting who and what you want!

sexy over 50

This step-by-step guide makes it so easy to change your life, and find the lovely, sexy, energetic, attractive YOU. Create an instant impact in your life by simply reading the EBook, watching the videos, and taking personal action.

Got 10 minutes?
What are you waiting for?

“It’s how you respond to things that make a happy life.”
– Melinda Lee


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